Cannock Chase Shed

Left to Right - Bill Reed, Dave Pursall, Chris Hinton, Dave Wisehall (who collected the sign and was the person who asked the shed to make it), Graham Johnson

the main members who worked on the sign

were along with Graham, Eric Shackleton and Leslie Jewkes.

   advent calendar box made by Nita at the shed

Dave carved the letters into this piece of wood, stained and varnished it, thought you could put it on the gallery website.

It’s been decided to put it above the Shed/garage door

Photo of the installed defibrillator funded by Tesco. with Dave Barry and Graham

Shelf unit refurbishment courtesy of Eric and Jean H

 Rufurb trolley by Jean Hudson

  Pair of Canoe stands repaired for Gailey canoe club by eric and Tony S.

Set of outdoor dominoes and packing box completed

 Finished “Beehive” post box for Cannock Crematorium courtesy of Bill Read and Dave Purcell.

 Barry made a noughts and crosses   game made for his grandson

'Intricate wood turning restoration by Ray Barnfield to replace a snapped table leg.'

Nick Dent bought the nest box Dave Shaw made for him and it was put up in their barn In Wales sometime in March

we delivered 2 benches and a large scale dominoes set to Hednesford Children's Nursery this morning. 

2nd mobile bookbox for Chase Grandparents & Grandchildren Group. Made by Barry, animal faces by Nita.

Cross completed and installed in Cannock Chase Crematorium 

made by Bill Read and Dave Pursall

Pete's 'plant theatre' from timber offcuts. He didn't know what one was when his wife asked him to make one. Now he does!

Emma a Teacher from

Hednesford Valley High School with the beautiful Mental Health Wellbeing Game made by Cannock Chase Shed

The Friends of Hednesford Park

Our wonderful friends atCannock Chase Shedmade us this stunning Mental Health Wellbeing Game for#WorldMentalHealthDay2023. Pictured is Nita and Ray, Jean (who is camera shy) they were the inspirational team that turned Cannock Chase Mental Health Hub project in to a masterpiece game for events. The elephant represents the 'Mental Health / elephant in the room. The 5 pink elephants represent the 5 areas of wellbeing actions you should put in place for your own wellbeing to help keep your brain supported, to prepare for times where stress and unexpected challenges in your life can cause you to not be able to cope with simple tasks. We are blessed with fabulous groups throughout Cannock Chase like Cannock Chase Shed, where you can support all 5 actions to protect your wellbeing: 1.CONNECT (with people who support you and love you as you are ) 2. BE ACTIVE (get you physically moving in activities that are suitable for your own mobility limitations) 3. IN THE MOMENT / Mindfullness (activities that suit your interest where you are absorbed in what you are doing and not mithering about anything else) 4. LEARN (give you opportunities to always learn something new and inspire you to be creative or try new things 5. GIVE (volunteer / be a part of your community / we all have experience, knowledge, time to support those who dont have the time or who are more vulnerable than ourselves, what ever our mobility or capability, no action is too small) The idea of the game is that you throw a bean bag / ball at the elephant, and depending on which one you knock down, you have to say what you will do for each action.

stool repair completed by member Ray Barnfield for the lady in the photo.  You can see the broken leg underneath that Ray re-made on the lathe, a very intricate offset shape at the base.

Another project completed.....
"3 from a total of 9 flower presses delivered to IHL"

Time and motion study with health and safety check on the new chair by Pete. 


A good photo,  I thought I would share.



We delivered this story chair to Hednesford Nursery School.
A “WORK OF ART” created entirely by Ray B from 100% recycled wood.

photos of the signs we made that were installed today.  Les

Installing of the Hednesford Railway Signs Railway workers and Graham in picture

friends of Hednesford park - puppet theatre wheelchair friendly shed team effort in use

Thankyou card for the book boxes made by us last year

Slapstick made by Leslie

Bill with the four in a row game

Chair for Jean Kinne completed, with help from, besides myself (Dave), Jean, Graham and Jean Hudson.

Items we used at the event on Friday and Saturday at Cannock Leisure Centre and the ones we picked up today


Lynn C.E. Evans

The Friends of Hednesford Park  and (Cannock Chase Mental Health Hub)

16 bat boxes that Dave and Bill made for Tanglewood for children to assemble during the school holiday. 

Seasonal ornamental tree beautifully crafted by Eric from an upcycled log and reclaimed driftwood branches.

Change your own decorations during the year.

John Turner's

Knight Shift

Table frame and legs for Glenthorne Community Primary School.

Built by Dave C

Sheila Brown - Dave Shaw - Jo Walker

Displaying a few beautiful Shed products

Dovecote for Hednesford Nursery School

Built by Colin, Jean H & Ray B

Guests and members at the opening of the new workshop at Cannock Chase Enterprise Centre, Monday April 8th 2024

22 bird box kits for Ilam Primary School. Led by Colin & Ray J, supported by many other Shedders.

10 tree stumps for

IHL Redhill project.

Routed by Dave Shaw

Hedgehog Hut delivered to Hednesford Nursery School.

Made by Pete. Awaiting residents.......tba